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New Horizons to Live Healthy

DAYONIX PHARMA includes a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge supplements for children and adults, both men and women of all ages. Our Family of products varies from vitamins and minerals for babies, children and adults to health care supplements which includes plant extracts combining with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy fatty acids like omegas, which have been scientifically proven to improve and/or maintain healthy functioning of several body systems, including; circulatory, nervous, urinary, locomotor, hepatic, pancreatic, respiratory and reproductive system.

High Expertise and Unique Quality

DAYONIX PHARMA supplements are tailor-made by a team of highly advanced   pharmaceutical & nutraceuticals experts and manufacturers to offer such cutting-edge, high quality supplements.

Improving Health

By applying a research-based and substantiated system, DAYONIX PHARMA believes its manufacturing line provides the appropriate supplements to support the healthy lifestyle which our customers desire.


Through investing in innovation and leveraging leading edge technologies, we are striving to proceed a new industry of nutritional supplements with relevant levels of quality of life benefits and proven health economic value.


DAYONIX PHARMA aims to bring a wholesome variety of essential consumer health products in world of supplements. Benefiting from a wide range of innovative brands of food supplements, our goal is not only to solve nutrient deficiencies but also to provide customers with the health and happiness they deserve. We believe that we can build an inimitable trust with our customers in this industry and desire to become the most effective and go-to one in the overall health and wellness market.

Healthy Family

We offer dietary supplements to support all members of the family. No matter how old you are, DAYONIX PHARMA offers you happiness, peace and confidence. Providing family health with Libido & Fertility Enhancements, Pregnancy Vitamins, Infant Vitamins, Kid Vitamins, Infant & Kid Supplements used as digestion and appetite stimulants, we promise to support your overall well-being.