Can a Man Get Pregnant? Take Best Supplements to Live Happily!

While pregnancy and giving birth is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life, researches discover that new moms experience better overall pregnancy if dads are actively involved during the 9-month journey. You may not be able to take away her annoying pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue or mood swings, but you can certainly make her feel happy which results in delivery of a healthy baby.

A number of ways are considered that you, as baby’s dad, can share the load, not just as a partner-in-reproduction but in childcare as well.

Although including best supplements for pregnancy may prevent nutritional deficiencies in your pregnant wife and make her feel better, what are other effective approaches to support your pregnant partner?


Read some books on pregnancy

There are hundreds of pregnancy books to choose from in order to be equipped for empathizing and helping your pregnant partner. These books are dedicated to dads to guide them through what their wife is experiencing during each step of her pregnancy.


Accompany her to doctor’s appointments

If you can, attend doctors’ appointments with her. Accompanying your pregnant wife to her doctor visits proves that you’re with her all the way in the pregnancy procedure. However, if your work schedule makes it hard to accompany her, ask her about the appointments brief.  How they went and what she learned new. It will help you know exactly what’s going on with her pregnancy and be prepared to help her more appropriate.


Reduce her stress

Pregnancy is a unique time, where mom requires a lot of support. For many women, having a baby is physically and emotionally stressful. So as a husband try to reduce sources of stress and anxiety and recommend them to engage in activities such as yoga, running and walking.


Act like you’re pregnant

Show your moral support and help your wife follow doctor’s orders as closely as she can. As your wife has to give up alcohol and coffee, become a teetotaler too. Exercise is definitely beneficial to mom and baby to be, so suggest her to go for a walk or to the gym together in the afternoons.


Tell her she’s still beautiful

Your wife will be undergoing some serious body transformations during pregnancy. Reassure her that you think she’s beautiful and that you love her immensely. Affirm your unwavering dedication to her each and every day by the words, “Sweetheart, you look beautiful,” which are all music to every woman’s ears.


Cook for her

Pregnant women are constantly hungry, so you will be doing her a great favor. Nausea, fatigue or aversion to certain foods are annoying pregnancy symptoms that make your wife too sick or exhausted to prepare meals every day.  So if you can make a good healthy meal for her every day, she will definitely appreciate your kind support.


Be patient and friend

As many hormone levels are affected in your wife’s body during pregnancy, mood swings are so common and probable with them. Some days she’ll feel fantastic, some days she’ll be stressed or overwhelmed, and some days she’ll break down and cry for no apparent reason. Understanding these changes will prepare you to support your wife emotionally and more effectively. Be patient and provide a listening ear and open arms if she needs to have a good cry.


Pamper her

Do not expect your pregnant women to be completely normal exactly as it was before. Pregnancy can make them tired, sore and hormonal. Therefore, a little bit of pampering is pleasant and will help her relax! Rub her feet and back, prepare her a warm bath with soothing oils in it, and paint her toenails yourself. Let her know how much she means to you.


Dayonix Pharma/ July 21, 2019


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July 21, 2019