Dayonix Vitex B6 description

Due to cyclic hormonal change, women experience a condition known as premenstrual syndrome, prior to their menstrual bleeding. Depressed mood, irritability, change in appetite and sleep patterns and pain in breasts are among the symptoms of this condition.

Dayonix Vitex B6 is a combination of magnesium, vitamins D3, E, B1, B2 and B6 which contributes to regulation of hormonal activity, plus Chaste tree extract to maintain women’s health in the mentioned period.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information

Ingredients per 2 Tablets % NRV*
Chaste tree extract (5% Agnuside) 120 *
Magnesium 300 80
Vitamin B1 1.4 127
Vitamin B2 1.6 114
Vitamin B6 2 143
Vtamin E 22 IU 167
Vitamin D3 200 IU 100

*NRV- Nutrient Reference Values

Direction of Use

Direction of Use:

Take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening, preferably before main meals with a glass of water. It is suggested to take the product every day for at least three months and repeat cyclically throughout the year.



  • Do not exceed the advisable daily intake.
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children.
  • Not recommended for children.
  • As with other food supplements, seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision, suffer from food allergies, or are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not use during Pregnancy or Breast feeding.