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“Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.”  Bill Gates

The 21st of September is World Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of progressive dementia and occurs in elderly and middle aged people. The most striking feature of the disease is the progressive loss of cognitive abilities. This affects memory, the capability to solve tasks, and it can induce behavioral and emotional changes. This not only affects the lives of those with Alzheimer’s but also the lives of their families and loved ones. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, however there are several solutions preventing this neurological disorder. By applying a research-based and substantiated system, Phoenix Pharma GmbH believes it provides the appropriate supplements supporting memory, verbal communication, mood, and mental clarity. Therefore, Phoenix Neuroben, a highly concentrate nootropic, has been established to nourish and protect a long-term healthy brain function, indicated for people of all ages.

Containing Ginkgo biloba, Tyrosine, Pine Bark extract, Choline and Lutein, this product helps to strengthen cognitive abilities, improve memory and ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

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September 1, 2017